One day in London !

Le 9 avril dernier, les élèves de terminale européenne sont partis une journée à Londres dans le cadre de la section, accompagnés de trois professeurs. Les élèves nous ont fait un compte-rendu de cette journée bien remplie, sous un ciel... londonien.
mardi 11 juin 2013
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With three teachers (Miss Bonomi, Miss Le Roux and Miss Rochias), we went to London for one day, on April 9th. The Eurostar left Paris at 7.30 am. With the jetlag, we arrived at 9.00 am. We immediately started a quiz game which consisted in finding places and asking people about their everyday life and their clichés about French people. Our itinerary took us to Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square, Saint James’s Park (where we fed the squirrels !), Big Ben, Westminster Abbey… In Trafalgar, we even saw the directing of an episode of “Doctor Who” !

Then we took the underground to Harrods where we discovered luxury clothes and very rich people… Afterwards, we went to the Victoria and Albert Museum where there was an exhibition about the evolution of clothes.

Finally, the teachers took us to Covent Garden where we had some free time for shopping. It was short but funny !

We left London at 8.00 pm, exhausted but happy !

This day was intense and it was hard to see everything but we saw many things and it was great to be all together.


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